Are you looking to pick up another second or two? Have you been to the same racetrack a number of times, but you're just not getting any faster? Are you new to racing, and interested in learning more about race craft, vehicle dynamics and the subtleties that go in to putting down a fast lap and then stringing together those laps consistently? Instead of spending money making your car faster, consider hiring a professional coach to make the driver faster!

Jon has extensive experience coaching drivers with a wide range of experience and skill levels - in an equally diverse group of cars. He has competed and instructed at most racetracks in North America, and can provide unique insights on how to find speed at a new venue or your home track. Jon's clients consistently succeed in achieving their goals and breaking through to the next level with their driving.

The video below shows one example of Jon's coaching style and post-event video analysis for a client driving a Ferrari 360 Challenge at Palm Beach International Raceway. The client can reference this video at any time and use it as a tool to stay sharp between races.

Another example, narrating a lap around the Streets of Willow Springs. Jon and Revo Technik won their class in the 2013 European Car Tuner GP in a Volkswagen GTi:

Jon's services are available year round for private driver coaching including video and data analysis, race car testing and setup consulting, race co-driving, public relations, career management, and OEM/Corporate programs. From the hobbyist to the aspiring professional, Jon can help you achieve your motorsport goals.


Jon was the catalyst in my efforts to improve my driving ability. Jon does not have a one-size-fits-all coaching style, he analyzed my driving style on an individual level and designed a means for attacking the ultimate goal of greater confidence and faster lap times. He has not once forced me to do anything I was not comfortable with, rather he instilled the confidence in myself that I was capable of pushing myself further. Jon’s ability to clearly communicate his feedback and advice is second to none and worth every penny.
— Spec Miata Client
I’ve known Jon throughout his long tenure in the CTSC paddock, and we were fortunate enough to retain his services for the 2014 season. He’s a great driver who brings technical depth in data analysis as well as a personable and truly professional demeanor to each and every race weekend. I look forward to having Jon back with us in the coming years.
— Karl Thomson, Team Principal, C360R
Jon was instrumental in the development of my performance driving skill-sets. As a complete novice to the world of club racing, I never would have been able to compete at the level of my peers without Jon’s methodical and technical approach to my instruction. If you want results, I would highly recommend retaining his services!
— Ferrari Challenge Client
Jon is a very talented driver and coach. We are priveliged to have him working with our development drivers and racing our Drive4Diabetes Honda in the Pirelli World Challenge.
— Jonathan Donner, Team Principal, Garrett Racing